Chicken yakitori

Yakitori is a Japanese dish of skewered and grilled chicken. It is traditionally made with chicken thighs, but can also be made with chicken breast, liver, or other parts of the chicken. The chicken is marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, then grilled over charcoal.

Yakitori has been around for centuries, and the first recorded recipe for it dates back to the 17th century. The dish was originally made with chicken that was grilled over an open fire. The chicken was then skewered and served with a soy sauce-based dipping sauce.

Over the years, yakitori has evolved and the recipes have become more creative. Chicken yakitori can now be found with a variety of different marinades and sauces. It is a popular dish in Japan, and is also becoming popular in other parts of the world.


Chicken yakitori is a simple yet delicious dish that is sure to please any crowd. When making yakitori, it is important to use high-quality ingredients and to marinate the chicken for at least an hour before grilling. This will help to ensure that the chicken is flavorful and tender. Additionally, be sure to use a high-heat grill or grill pan when cooking the chicken. This will help to give the chicken a nice char and will also help to keep it juicy. Finally, be sure to baste the chicken with the marinade while it grills to keep it juicy and flavorful.

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Soy-Glazed Chicken Yakitori

  • vegetable oil
  • chicken thigh
  • ginger
  • sriracha chile sauce
  • garlic
  • soy sauce
  • mirin
  • kecap mani
  • sugar
  • green onion
  • shiitake mushroom cap

Chicken Yakitori

  • sugar
  • green onion
  • mirin
  • sake
  • soy sauce
  • chicken thigh
  • sweet red pepper

Ingredient Breakdown

green onion
soy sauce
chicken thigh
sweet red pepper
chicken breast
vegetable oil
sriracha chile sauce
kecap mani
shiitake mushroom cap