Wheat bread

Bread has been a staple in human diets for thousands of years and there are many different types of breads that have been enjoyed throughout history. Wheat bread is one of the most popular types of breads consumed today and there are many different recipes that have been developed over the years.

Wheat bread recipes can be traced back to ancient times when people first started cultivating wheat. The first wheat breads were probably very simple, made with just flour, water and salt. Over time, people began to add other ingredients to their bread recipes, such as leavening agents, fats and sweeteners.

Today, there are countless different wheat bread recipes that have been developed to suit all sorts of taste preferences. From simple white breads to more complex recipes that include a variety of different ingredients, there is a wheat bread recipe out there for everyone.


When making wheat bread, it is important to use a recipe that is specifically designed for wheat bread. This is because the combination of ingredients and the amount of yeast used is different from that used for white bread. It is also important to use a bread machine or a mixer with a dough hook, as the dough should be kneaded for a longer period of time than white bread. When kneading, be sure to knead until the dough is elastic and has a smooth texture. Finally, use a combination of wheat flour and bread flour for a better texture and flavor.

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Whole Wheat Bread

  • salt
  • vital wheat gluten
  • yeast
  • honey
  • butter
  • greek yogurt
  • water
  • white wheat flour

Whole Wheat Bread

  • yeast
  • milk
  • all purpose flour
  • salt
  • oatmeal
  • honey
  • wheat flour
  • sunflower seed
  • sesame seed
  • poppy seed
  • butter
  • egg wash

Ingredient Breakdown

wheat flour
all purpose flour
vegetable oil
white flour
olive oil
sunflower seed
king arthur bakerand# special milk
honey molasses
king arthur white wheat flour
rye flour
envelopes yeast
wheat bran
bread flour
brown sugar
nonfat milk
vital wheat gluten
greek yogurt
white wheat flour
sesame seed
poppy seed
egg wash
sprouted wheat flour
sourdough starter
double milled durum wheat semolina
flax seed
red quinoa
fashioned rolled oat
traditional wheat flour
orange juice
amber ale


Correlated with Higher Ratings

  • water

Staple Ingredients

  • salt 59%

Common Ingredients

  • yeast 53%
  • wheat flour 47%

Usual Ingredients

  • water 41%

Rarey Ingredients

  • honey 29%