Rye bread

Rye bread recipes have been around for centuries, with the earliest known recipes dating back to the Middle Ages. Rye bread was a staple food in many European countries, and was often used for making sandwiches and other dishes. The popularity of rye bread recipes began to decline in the early 20th century, as white bread became more popular. However, rye bread recipes have made a comeback in recent years, as people have become more interested in healthy and natural foods.

Rye bread is made from a type of wheat called rye. Rye is a hardy grain that grows in cold climates, and has a strong flavor. Rye bread is usually denser and darker than other types of bread, and has a slightly sour taste. Rye bread is a good source of fiber, and is also high in protein and vitamins.

There are many different recipes for rye bread, but the most common include rye flour, water, salt, and yeast. Some recipes also call for additional ingredients such as caraway seeds, honey, or molasses. Rye bread can be baked in a variety of shapes, including rounds, loaves, or flatbreads.


Making rye bread is a delicious way to enjoy a unique flavor that is different from other types of bread. To make the perfect rye bread, it is important to use a combination of rye flour, bread flour, and all-purpose flour. Additionally, it is important to use a combination of light and dark rye flour to achieve the desired flavor. When kneading the dough, knead it gently and for an extended period of time, at least 10 minutes, to ensure that the dough is properly mixed. Finally, it is important to give the dough plenty of time to rise and to use the correct temperature and amount of time when baking the bread. Following these steps will ensure that you have the perfect loaf of rye bread.

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Rye Bread

  • rye flour
  • caraway seed
  • yeast
  • salt
  • water
  • cornstarch
  • water
  • cornmeal
  • all purpose flour

Sprouted Rye Bread

  • caraway seed
  • sprouted rye flour
  • dutch cocoa powder
  • molasses
  • salt
  • yeast
  • water
  • sprouted wheat flour

Danish Rye Bread

  • honey
  • salt
  • sourdough starter
  • spelt flour
  • water
  • rye berry
  • hemp seed
  • sunflower seed
  • dark beer
  • dark rye flour
  • buttermilk
  • flax seed

Danish Rye Bread

  • sunflower
  • yeast
  • vegetable oil
  • rye kernel
  • wholegrain rye flour
  • wholegrain rye flour
  • rye sourdough starter
  • malt syrup
  • salt

Ingredient Breakdown

rye flour
caraway seed
all purpose flour
bread flour
dark rye flour
wheat flour
olive oil
active yeast
sunflower seed
rye berry
malt syrup
egg white
sourdough starter
vegetable oil
wholegrain rye flour
light rye flour
flavorless vegetable oil
sprouted rye flour
dutch cocoa powder
sprouted wheat flour
cocoa powder
dark corn syrup
vegetable shortening
brown sugar
spelt flour
hemp seed
dark beer
flax seed
rye kernel
rye sourdough starter
semolina flour
maple syrup
baking soda
baking powder
apple cider vinegar


Staple Ingredients

  • salt 77%
  • water 68%

Common Ingredients

  • yeast 64%
  • caraway seed 55%
  • rye flour 55%

Usual Ingredients

  • all purpose flour 32%
  • molasses 27%

Rarey Ingredients

  • butter 23%
  • sugar 23%